Devonshire tea                          

(2 scones with a Pot of Tea)

1 Scone with Jam & Cream 

savoury Scone with Relish & Parsley Butter

Gluten Free Scone


Vanilla "Home Baked" Cheese Cake with cream or icecream

Chocolate Fudge & Berry Syrup with cream or icecream

Gluten Free Chocolate Fudge

Vanilla Spider


Cappuccino or Latte                  Soy Milk(extra)


Mug                                         Mug 

Cup                                          Cup

Short Black (2 shots)

Hot Chocolate

Ice Coffee or Chocolate (with icecream and cream)


English Breakfast or French Earl Grey Pot


Vanilla Chai Pot


Herbal tea Pot or Mug



















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